Muntjac deer in Midhurst

Muntjac deer in Midhurst

Muntjac deer, an import to the UK living in Midhurst

Mrs V and I were at the movies this evening watching Black Swan. Great film btw! On the way back we narrowly avoided a Muntjac deer on Bepton Road. The little chap ran out of Severals Wood at the Midhurst end, straight into a front garden on the other side of the road. Watch out for your roses!

Muntjac are small and secretive, rarely seen – and an alien invader to the UK. They were brought here in the 1890s by Duke of Bedford, who introduced them to his zoo at Woburn Abbey from India and China. They soon made a dash for the outside world and were busy colonising the English countryside a few years later! They’re about the size of a labrador – much smaller than a roe deer.

So a great night out. There can’t be many people that have seen Black Swan and Muntjacs today!

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