Andy Goldsworthy’s Chalk Stones Trail Walk on the South Downs


The lovely Mrs V and I had afternoon tea at West Dean on Sunday afternoon. After tea I pulled on my trainers and ran back to Bepton along the Andy Goldsworthy’s Chalk Stone Trail. The trail is 5 miles long and runs between Cocking and West Dean in West Sussex. It’s an art project created in 2002 by the internationally famous British artist, Andy Goldsworthy. The trail is waymarked by a series of 13 chalk stones approximately 6-7ft in diameter, made with chalk taken from a local quarry. Many of the stones are easy to find, some easy to pass by, but all are unexpected. I’m afraid I only found nine of them, which I’ll put down to the rainy weather (see the photos in the gallery attached) which means I’ll have to head back and search again for the missing four!

You can discover more and download a trail guide at the National Trails website.

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