The Devil’s Jumps, near Treyford on the South Downs



Bronze Age monument on the South Downs Way

Here’s a photo of the Devil’s Jumps near Treyford on the South Downs. They’re rated as one of the best ancient monuments in Sussex, dating back to the Bronze Age period which means they’re in incredibly good condition given that they are three to four thousand years old. They’re a line of five Bell Barrows – circular mounds within a circular ditch, with a burial pit beneath the mound. The mounds align with the setting sun on the summer solstice.

According to Wikipedia, the Devil’s Jumps are the focus of local folklore. Apparently, the god Thor used to sit on Treyford Hill. One day the Devil saw the five barrows and started to jump from one to the next in order to amuse himself. This enraged Thor, who threw a stone at the Devil, causing him to flee… Sounds like a good story to me!

Map of the Devils Jumps Treyford

The artist’s impression of life 3,000 years ago is from an information sign at the site.

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