Midhurst Muntjac

Mysterious creatures that roam Midhurst at night

I had a wonderful view of a Muntjac Deer on the way home this evening. The little chap – no bigger than a hare – was standing by the side of Bepton Road a mile south of Midhurst, so I pulled up to take a good look.

He didn’t appear to be even slightly bothered by me, and wandered leisurely across the road into the bushes on the other side. They’re quite common around us – and more often heard rather than seen.

Muntjac are not native to the UK, and were introduced from China in the early 1900s to Woburn Park in Hertfordshire. Some of the deer jumped the fence, and today’s population of Muntjacs are nearly all descendants of these intrepid escapees!

Photo is from Creative Commons

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