Inside a rook’s nest…


Here’s an unusual view of the inside of a rook’s nest.

It fell from the top of a tall oak tree and landed on the road – surviving the fall intact. Which is not bad going really – bearing in mind it’s just a pile of twigs! It’s nearly 2 feet wide and there are probably more than 300 sticks in the nest which is lined with moss. I doubt it’s very cosy, but one has to admire the hard work involved!

Rooks are highly sociable and live in large groups called ‘buildings’. Our local rookeries contain at least 100 nests – which equals a lot of noise and a lot of rook guano!

Rooks lay four or five eggs which are incubated by the female on her own for about two weeks. During this time the male bird brings her food, and because he’s a great Dad he becomes the sole provider for the entire family when the chicks hatch! As is often the case, Mum starts work when the children get a bit bigger…

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