South Downs Red Kite with a wing tag

Red Kite Wing Tag ‘D’

Good to see our favourite South Downs Red Kite this morning on the road out of Bepton. Even better, she doesn’t look any the worse for all the recent snow and bad weather.

If you look closely at the photo you’ll notice that this Red Kite has a green wing tag on her right wing and a yellow wing tag on her left wing (well you’ll have to take my word for the yellow tag!) – both marked with a large letter ‘D’. The wing tags identify this bird, where she was released and in what year.

She’s known as Sussex ‘D’, and she was released from Phillis Wood behind West Dean in West Sussex during a release programme on 17th June 2006. How good is that for a success story!

One thought on “South Downs Red Kite with a wing tag

  1. I was watching the Queen’s Jubilee flypast aircraft on the Trundle above Chichester on Saturday 19th May when a beautifully-marked red kite flew by.West Dean is just down the hill from the Trundle.

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