A bat in the bedroom!


Strange creatures in the night

We had a very exciting time in the bedroom last night!

Mrs Vee woke me at about 1:30am to say she thought there might be a bird in the room. In the darkness we could definitely hear the flutter of little wings but when we turned the lights on we discovered that it was in fact a bat!

I’m no expert at identifying bats but I suspect it was a Pipistrelle bat judging by its size and shape. Sadly my hastily taken iPhone picture doesn’t help much with identifying it!

This isn’t the first time that we’ve had bats in the bedroom (a couple of years ago we had a long-eared bat). It’s actually not unusual for bats to enter houses through open windows, and some species move from one roost to another as the weather and seasons change. This bat came into our house during a spell of very hot August weather – so it’s quite likely it just took a wrong turn and headed indoors for a snooze!

So what did we do? We opened all of the curtains and windows and closed the bedroom door and watched in awe as the little chap navigated around the room for a few minutes planning its great escape. Bats have a sophisticated echo location system for finding their way around, and this one flew backwards and forwards to the open window five or six times before finally taking the plunge to go back outside.

Bats live for 20-30 years so it was good to help this little creature on its way…

Here’s a link to the Bat Conservation Trust website just in case you have a bat in your bedroom

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