South Downs Red Kite – Wing Tag D

South Downs Red Kite Wing Tag D

South Downs Red Kite

Good to see Red Kite “Sussex D” again this week – though she’s not looking too pleased with all the rain! She’s been sitting in a tree alongside Bepton Road on a few mornings this week with an untagged male Red Kite.

‘D’ is quite tolerant of people and is quite happy having her photo taken, but the other bird is always off like a shot as soon as I stop the car!

‘Sussex D’ is one of the original Sussex Red Kites from the release programme at Phillis Wood during the summer of 2006. She has a yellow wing tag on her left wing which identifies her as a local bird, and a green wing tag on her right wing which identifies her age (she was born in June 2006).

Always thrilled when I see a Rd Kite. I remember when Red Kites were limited to a small area of Wales – this is an example of a conservation success.

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