Miranda Kate Ottewill

This house is called Bepton Grange

Messages from the past!

We found some messages written on the wall behind some wallpaper at our house – a message to the future from someone called Miranda Kate Ottewill.

Miranda wrote “This house is called Bepton Grange. It is shared between Mrs Bourne and us, ‘The Ottewills’. Miss Carnick once lived here but has just died and we have inherited her cat ‘Tibbles’. If anyone finds this they will know it has been written by Miranda Kate Ottewill.”

Miranda Ottewill – we have your message!!!! Are you out there???

UPDATE: By complete chance a car drove up our drive in June 2015 driven by a lady called Anna and her mother who are the Ottewills! A fascinating conversation with them about when they lived in our house in the early 19070s. I love it when a mystery is solved!

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