Ellis O'Connell Sculpture at Cass Sculpture Park Blog

Cass Sculpture Foundation

Sculpture Park near Goodwood, West Sussex

On Saturday we took a wander around the Cass Sculpture Foundation. Set in 26 acres of woodland near Goodwood, it’s an incredible collection of modern sculptures. The Foundation has commissioned more than 400 sculptures over the last 20 years, and 80 or so are currently on display at the park – and they’re all for sale if you have room in your garden!

Here are a few pieces and some details from our trip at the weekend.

Steve Dilworth Venus Stone at Cass Sculpture Park Chichester

Steve Dilworth | Venus Stone

Steve Dilworth “Venus Stone” at Cass Sculpture Park Chichester. There’s more information about this amazing sculpture at the Cass website.

Steven Gregory One of us on a tricycle at Cass Sculpture Park blog

Steven Gregory | One of us on a Tricycle

Steven Gregory’s “One of us on a tricycle”. Just imagine walking round the corner in the woods and discovering this mighty beast riding a bicycle! There’s more information about this fine fellow here.

Douglas White Icarus Palm Sculpture at Cass Sculpture Park Sussex

Douglas White | Icarus Palm

Is it a tree? This piece by Douglas White caled “Icarus Palm” is two tons of steel and rubber tyres. From a distance it looks like a dead, burnt-out tree. Up close, it’s a mixture of discarded, torn and weathered rubber and steel. I’d like to have one of these growing in my garden… Check the Cass Sculpture Foundation website for more details.

If you’ve not been before, the Cass Sculpture Foundation is definitely worth a visit. It’s in Lavant in West Sussex. The postcode is PO18 0QP. Their website is

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