Tree Bumblebee in Sussex

European Tree Bumblebee in Sussex

We’ve got an unusual bumblebee in our garden!

Here’s a photo of a European Tree Bumblebee buzzing around our garden! A colony of these bees have moved into a Blue Tit nest box… It’s an unusual little bee and it shouldn’t really be here.

The European Tree Bumblebee is an invasive species to the UK. As its name suggests, it’s a continental bumblebee that has found it’s way to the UK and was only first recorded here in 2001. It’s been busy for the last 13 years and has now spread across England, Wales and into Scotland.

Our traditional Bumblebee is black and yellow, whereas our European friend is ginger and black. Quite easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. Both species seem to get on with each other so the good news is that our native bumblebee isn’t at risk.

A happy ending. Don’t worry, bee happy 🙂

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