Common Lizard in the garden

Common Lizard in the garden West Sussex

Ever get the feeling that someone or something is watching you???

I was pottering around the garden today and I had a funny feeling that I was being watched…

We’re lucky enough to have a Victorian wall in our garden that’s made out of old Clunch Stone – a traditional building stone from chalk and limestone areas – which has lots of lovely nooks and crannies that are perfectly suited to lizards.

Our friendly lizard is called Gordon and he likes to bask in the sunshine and snack on insects and creepy crawlies that live in the rose garden. He’s a common lizard, but he’s quite posh as well. And how do we know he’s a boy? Well males tend to be ‘spotty’ and females tend to be ‘stripy’.

We like Gordon and he does a good job in the garden chomping through bugs and spiders. We just wish he wouldn’t spend so much time watching us with his beady little eyes…

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