A swarm of bees in the garden

Bee swarm in the garden

Swarm of bees in the garden!

Crikey! Just take a look at what we found in amongst the roses this afternoon! A huge swarm of bees…

Now I have to say, I didn’t spend an awful lot time counting the bees! Erm, I didn’t want to disturb them!

But there must have been a 400-500 of them, huddled together around a queen bee on the trunk of an old rose bush in our garden. It was all very quiet and peaceful, and as a group they were almost pulsing – beating like a huge heart – swaying gently together with no fuss at all. No buzzing of bees flying about the place, just a single mass of hundreds of insects working together as a huge swarm. How cool is that!

Bee swarm in the garden

When a honey bee swarm emerges from a hive they don’t fly far at first. They gather in a tree or on a branch near the original hive (probably the one in our garden wall from last year). They cluster about the queen and send 20 – 50 scout bees out to find suitable new nest locations, and when they find one, the swarm moves off. How cool is that!

I love nature 🙂 It’s amazing…

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