How old do toads live?

UK Toad Sussex

This is Toad

Toad lives in our garden and she’s great at keeping the slugs under control.

Toad sits outside our back door every evening chomping through the slugs and grubs that are attracted to the light from the kitchen windows.

Toad doesn’t like our dogs. Juno brought him indoors once but she didn’t like the taste in her mouth and these days she just barks at him. He’s not too bothered… Toad just stares at dog and dog barks at toad. It’s a dog’s life.

I ended up looking out some facts about Toads. Did you know that:

  1. Toads in the UK live for between 20 and 40 years (if they’re not eaten by Hedgehogs or Grass Snakes).
  2. Toads lay spawn, just like frogs. The difference is that frog spawn is laid in clusters, whereas toad spawn is in long strands.
  3. Toads don’t live in ponds. They live under logs and in damp places or in holes in the ground.
  4. Toads only spend time in water during the breeding season.
  5. Toads don’t have teeth. They chomp though slugs using their gums.
  6. Toads regularly shed their skin. And they eat their skin – yuck!
  7. British Toads come out at night and love to eat slugs, insects, moths, spiders, grubs, worms and all sorts of creepy crawlies. They will even take small mice and shrews. They’re the gardener’s best friend.
  8. Toads secrete a toxic foul tasting slime called Bufagin which is designed to deter predators through glands on the back of their heads.
  9. Toads hibernate during the winter.
  10. Mr Toad walks around our garden. Frogs hop. Toads are far more refined…

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