Home-made swallow nest box

Home made swallow nest box

How to make a Swallow happy!

Now I’m quite pleased with this! For two reasons… Firstly I’ve created a  home-made nest for our feathered friends and secondly my lighting cables (which were never installed to be photographed) look quite neat!

Swallows aren’t too fussy about making their own nests and will happily use old nests or corners and ledges in the roof – I’ve even seen them nest in small wicker baskets and margarine tubs nailed to the ceiling. My fine example of a home-made Swallow nest is made from a hanging basket liner nailed to a rafter!

The most important bit of advice I can give you is to position your nest as high up and as far out of the reach of predators as possible. I put 5 nests up in the log shed and the one they chose was right under the top of the roof.

The second most important advice I can share is they poo like mad so don’t leave anything important underneath the nest!


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