Red Admiral butterfly


Underwing of a Red Admiral

Most often known for its striking red, black and white colour, the underside of teh Red Admiral butterfly is equally beautiful.


I was up on The Downs at 6 o’clock this morning looking for some summer sunshine! So far, July has been a washout especially in the afternoons and evenings. The mornings have given us the best glimpse of summer so far.

And so this morning I plodded up Cardiac Hill and then east into the rising sun along The South Downs Way towards Cocking. I was treated to Hare, Roe Deer and a herd of Fallow on Bepton Down; a vast flock of Goldfinches and Skylarks rising noisily into the morning air. And to my greatest pleasure, dozens and dozens of Red Admirals basking in the morning sunshine on bramble flowers – with wings so perfect, I suspect they had literally just emerged from their pupae.

And what really struck me was the perfection of their underwings; the colours are wonderful and perhaps even more beautiful than above? Lovely.

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