Hobby Falcon

Hobby Falcon UK

Hobby Falcon near Midhurst in Sussex

Ok – so this is a RUBBISH photo, BUT it was taken on my iPhone WHILST I was running down the garden to take the picture!

It’s quite rare to have a Hobby in your garden. The UK population of Hobbies is only a couple of thousand pairs, and they’re not very easy to spot. The best hope is to listen out for their distinctive call – then look up in the sky before they zoom past!

They like to chase and eat swallows and house martins, and they’re great fun to watch with their high-speed aerial manoeuvres. About the size of a Kestrel, Hobby Falcon’s are summer visitors and spend their winters in the Sahara. They’re similar in appearance to a Peregrine (they share a dark hood and white cheek patch) but the Hobby has ‘red trousers’.

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