Fly tipping

Fly tipping rubbish

How to report fly tipping rubbish if you live near Midhurst, West Sussex

What a load of rubbish… Mostly builder’s rubbish and general waste that has been fly tipped next to the lanes around Midhurst – these two piles of rubbish were in Bugshill Lane between Bepton and Didling.

How to report fly tipping

You’d think that this would fall under Highways but I dropped them a message and got the following reply (their spelling is also rubbish btw!): “Enquiry closed : thank you for your enquiry. Unforyunately WSCC do not deal with fly tipping and this is the distict or borough councils. You will need to contact them regarding this matter. Kind regards WSCC Highways.”

So here’s a link to report fly tipping in our area which is covered by Chichester District Council.

If you see someone fly tipping take a note of their number plate, grab a photo on your phone and call the Police on 999. Fly tipping is illegal and costs the UK tax payer £millions every year. Fly tippers fly tip to avoid paying landfill tax so it’s often cowboy builders who do this to save a few quid.

Fly tipping rubbish

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