Bracklesham Bay fossils

Fossils and shark teeth on the beach in Sussex

We had a lovely walk along the beach at Bracklesham Bay this afternoon and collected these wonderful Gastropods. Hard to believe it, but 46 million years ago these marine snails were living in a tropical sea a few miles south of Chichester!

Bracklesham is one of the best beaches in Sussex for shark teeth, shells and snails. Without going into the technical details the old sea bed is now a layer of clay which is being eroded by the sea. The clay disperses into the water and the shells and teeth are left on the sand. Walk along the beach at low tide and you can’t help but find them.

Some handy tips to find fossils at Bracklesham Bay.

  • Type this postcode into your sat nav: PO20 8JH
  • One of the best places to look is right in front of the car park and slightly to the east.
  • Check the tides, make sure you go at low tide and head out as far as the possible.
  • Watch out for the incoming tide! It’s quite safe but take care especially with children.
  • If you want a really nice cafe to eat after the tide comes in I can’t recommend Billy’s on the Beach enough!

Here’s some proper advice from the experts about finding fossils on the beach at Bracklesham Bay

And how about these fossilised shark teeth? 46 million years old and still sharp!

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