Slow Worm, male or female?


Slow, slow, quick quick slow

When I originally posted this photo on Twitter I got into trouble for describing this Slow Worm as a ‘him’. She is of course a ‘her’. As a result I’d like to apologise to all female Slow Worms for getting this wrong – and explain to others how to spot the difference between a lady Slow Worm from a man.

How to tell a boy from a girl

With Slow Worms it’s not as obvious as you might hope! But there is a difference in colour between males and females when Slow Worms are fully grown.

Females typically have a dark vertebral strip that runs down their back. This is more obvious in the picture below. They will also have dark undersides, whereas the male is more uniform in colour, with no stripe down their backs. Males have a noticeably larger head too.

Slow Worms are technically lizards without legs. They’re not a snake, and definitely not a worm – just an odd looking lizard. They’re also not slow – they’re surprisingly quick given they have no legs! It’s confusing isn’t it???

Slow Worm Female UK

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