Winter Fieldfares

Fieldfare in a crab apple tree Bepton West Sussex

Caught red handed pinching crab apples

It’s been a busy year for Fieldfares. We’ve had flocks of 30-50 birds, chack-chacking around the hedgerows and squabbling over fruit in our neighbour’s crab apple tree.

The crab apple tree has become a battleground for local birds, with Fieldfares taking total control of the pecking order. I’ve seen a dozen Fieldfares at a time eating the apples, with Blackbirds, Redwings and Thrushes being chased away to patiently wait their turn.

Fieldfares are winter visitors from Scandinavia. They arrive in the UK as the weather turns cold, moving to where food is available and often in large numbers. They’re quite tolerant of people, I’ve walked right under the crab apple tree without disturbing them. For sure, they’re wary of me. But unlikely to fly away in case the Blackbirds move in on an unguarded fruit tree!

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