Bullfinches are stripping my Cherry Tree!

Male Bullfinch in Cherry Tree

Pair of Bullfinch in Cherry Tree

I’m not complaining – but there will be no blossom on my Cherry Tree this spring!

Bullfinches have a fearsome reputation amongst fruit growers. A pair (and Bullfinches always operate in pairs) can wreck a commercial orchard in just a few days. As gorgeous as they are – some folk consider them to be a pest!

In some areas Bullfinches have been controlled under licence to manage the destruction of orchards, though Bullfinches are quite happy taking Ash buds in woodland rather than venture near people in orchards.

Bullfinches are already in decline and with Ash Dieback making an impact on our South Downs Ash woods I wonder how Bullfinches will adapt in the coming years. Modern farming practices are mostly to blame for their decline, with the loss of arable weeds and use of pesticides impacting numbers.

For now I’m quite happy watching these wonderful birds from my window. I’m working from home today but grateful for the distraction!

Female Bullfinch in Cherry Tree

Here’s a previous post about Bullfinches with some handy facts!

One thought on “Bullfinches are stripping my Cherry Tree!

  1. Send them my way….. I have fruit trees with lovely buds on them….. I hardly ever see bullfinches here and yet I am only a short distance from you.

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