Proposed Sand Quarry at Severals Woods, near Midhurst

IMPORTANT: you must register your opinion about the proposed Quarry at The Severals before 18 March 2019

This map shows the scale of the proposed quarry on the edge of Midhurst. The proposed location is marked in red, Midhurst is in blue. It’s a vast area, right on the edge of town.

Yes we need building sand but the Severals might not be the right place for an industrial site on this scale. There are other locations on the table and West Sussex want to hear your views about where to dig for sand.

If you’d like to register your opposition to the proposed development near Midhurst and The Severals please use the following link. It’s a complex form but don’t worry. All you need to do is fill in your details and then go straight to question 5 – see

Some of the reasons for opposing the quarry at Midhurst include:

  • Environmental impact:
    • The site is a recognised wildlife corridor and home to important butterflies, insects, reptiles and birds such as the Dartford Warbler and the Nightjar. The Nightjar population in the UK is only 4,600 birds and there are just 108 confirmed nest sites in Britain.
    • The destruction of unique sand heathland which will never recover.
    • The ongoing impact of a working quarry. Please take a look at the photo below of Minstead quarry which has been operating for 25 years and remains a toxic, inhospitable place which is devoid of nature.
  • Pollution:
    • There is an identified risk of contamination from water at the site into the River Rother. Quarry water is toxic and often contains high levels of algae. The site is adjacent to a tributary to the Rother.
  • Infrastructure:
    • To transport 4 million tonnes of sand from the site will require 220,000 lorry trips. For every lorry lorry departing from the site, a lorry will have to arrive so that’s 220,000 inbound journeys and 220,000 outbound journeys. Can our roads cope with another 440,000 lorries? Midhurst is congested at the best of times.
    • What effect will an additional 440,000 lorries have on air quality in the local area? Diesel exhaust is notorious for the harm it does to children and anyone with breathing difficulties.

It takes just 5 minutes to complete the form. If you don’t register your views there is every chance the quarry will go ahead. Don’t complain later if you don’t do something about it today! #stopquarries #5minutes

For more information and to get involved in the conversation please go to the ‘Stop the Quarries’ Facebook page.

Minstead Quarry

“This is nearby Minstead sand quarry over 25 years later. This isn’t a lake. No aquatic life apart from algae will grow or survive. It is both toxic and dangerous water. This is what the view of Midhurst Common will look like. The first action being to clear the wildlife corridor which the Cowdray Estate claimed huge grants for. Greed and dispassion is now on their coat of arms.” Steve Granger


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