Bepton Church and some little lambs

Please stay at home this weekend!

I’m sharing this video of Bepton Church and some little lambs to encourage people not to travel to the South Downs this weekend. Please stay at home and enjoy the view on YouTube instead!

I’ve been horrified by the number of cars parked in the lane outside my house every day during Lockdown. We’re in week three of travel restrictions, and the instructions are clear – only travel if it’s absolutely necessary. Yet every day, people drive to The South Downs to go for a walk and use Bepton as a car park because the main car parks are being monitored by the police.

On Saturday there were some people from Croydon, and on Monday there was a car with a Wandsworth Residents Permit in the windscreen… (Wandsworth is a 58 mile drive away). Hey let’s give them them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they have a second home locally.

However the fact remains that people shouldn’t be driving to The South Downs unless it’s necessary. These are the rules, straight from the .GOV website: “Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if you cannot work from home)”. It couldn’t be simpler. Hard to understand what bits of this folk don’t understand!

Please stay at home! Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Bepton Church and some little lambs

  1. People are not supposed to be going to their second homes at all! I have met people on the Down I have never seen before. People who were talking of having picnics!

  2. People are not allowed to go to their second home if they have elected to live in their primary home. People have been urged not to go to a second home as they might be putting pressure on other health trusts…. I have met people on the Down I have never seen before as well as cars parked at the base of the Down. Some people were even talking of having picnics!

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