Mousie Mousie and Woody Woodpecker

It’s gone nuts on the bird feeder today…

Working from home, and getting distracted by the bird feeder outside of my office window. One of the benefits of lockdown and working from home…

So what sort of mouse is it? We’ve got a few mice in the UK. The most commonly seen because it’s vaguely tolerant of people is the House Mouse, and then there’s the Field Mouse (also known as a Wood Mouse), the Harvest Mouse (with its tiny ears) and the Yellow-Necked Mouse (which is only found in some parts of southern Britain and the Midlands). Don’t forget we also have voles and shrews. And great big rats. But this is a mouse.

So my mouse on the feeder is either a House Mouse or a Field Mouse. What’s the difference?

Experts will tell you that smell is one of the greatest differences! House Mice are right stinkers! But from a visual point of view here’s what to look for:

Field Mouse

  • Brown with a white tummy
  • Big, strong back legs – good for jumping!
  • A long tail

House Mouse

  • Grey or light brown with no white
  • Thick, long tail
  • Smaller back legs than a field mouse

There you go. My new friend is a Field Mouse! Oh, and there’s a woodpecker too!

Well, I declare, how lucky I am?! A little mouse with clogs on from Old Bepton.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist that).

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