Ellis O'Connell Sculpture at Cass Sculpture Park Blog

Cass Sculpture Foundation

Sculpture Park near Goodwood, West Sussex

On Saturday we took a wander around the Cass Sculpture Foundation. Set in 26 acres of woodland near Goodwood, it’s an incredible collection of modern sculptures. The Foundation has commissioned more than 400 sculptures over the last 20 years, and 80 or so are currently on display at the park – and they’re all for sale if you have room in your garden!

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Happy Halloween!


Sussex Halloween…

Check out the bat-shaped eyes on our scary pumpkin, oooohh spooooky…

We thought our pumpkins were good, but check out the Halloween display at Slindon in West Sussex which is made up of more than 600 pumkins, squashes and marrows! This guy is bonkers…

Here’s an interesting recipe for the leftover seeds from the pumkin… toss the seeds in oil, sprinkle with a little salt and cook in a hot oven for 10-15 minutes until they’re just being to puff up and toast. An easy Halloween snack, packed with goodness and the kids loved them.

Andy Goldsworthy Chalk Balls on The South Downs

Andy Goldsworthy Chalk Balls Trail

How cool are these giant chalk balls? This one is about 2 metres across and sits on the hill above Cocking in West Sussex. It marks the beginning of a trail called The Chalk Stones Trail which is a five mile walk through the heart of the South Downs, following a trail of 13 similar round chalk stone sculptures by the environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy. The trail starts at Cocking Hill and ends at West Dean Gardens. You can even download a trail guide leaflet and map for the trail from the National Trail website.