Mr Stonechat


A new day…

This morning I went for an early morning walk.

Here’s a photo of a Stonechat who joined me as the sun came up on a new day. I remembered my dear old Dad showing me Stonechats when I was a small boy, describing the rasping ‘chack-chack’ call of the Stonechat like two pebbles being struck against each other.

Thank you Mr Stonechat for your company this morning. And rest in peace, Dad. I miss you so much.

Easter Egg

Abandoned Pheasant egg

An abandoned Pheasant egg found on the lawn

The strangest thing happened at Easter with an unexpected egg. Mrs Pheasant wandered across our lawn at the back of the house and dropped an egg on the grass! The children were fascinated – they warmed the egg in front of the fire to see if it would hatch… It didn’t!