Ravens over Bepton Down

South Downs Ravens

South Downs Ravens

This pair of ravens circled over Bepton ‘cronk-cronk’ing for about half an hour before heading east along the South Downs towards Cocking. Ravens are relatively rare but on the increase. They breed in Sussex (I’ve read reports of nest sites near Beachy Head) but they will travel great distances during the winter months. The two most striking things about ravens are their call (a really deep ‘cronk’, distinct from other members of the crow family) and their enormous size! Their wingspan is 120-150 cm, that’s 4′ 6″ in old money – bigger than a buzzard and a bigger build too.

Snowed-in in Bepton

Bepton Church West Sussex in the snow

Wendy and Sarah Bepton Horse

Lynch Down Bepton

Bepton trees

Bepton Church pond

Finger post old sign

Nothing happening in Bepton today!

There’s not a lot happening in Bepton today! Apart from lots of white stuff falling from the skies… The only people moving around are the lucky folk with tractors, 4x4s, skis and skidoos. Bepton’s pretty isolated from the outside world right now. On a positive note, it’s a winter wonderland!

Hoar Frost

Cow Parsley in the frost

What is Hoar Frost?

Cow Parsley, Wild Chervil, Wild Beaked Parsley, Keck… call it what you will, it looks great covered in frost! And this is Hoar Frost. Water crystals in the air which is below freezing. In this case there was a breeze from the right to left of the photo, making the frost stick to the left hand side of the plant. Cool. (Literally).