Bepton from the air

Some awesome drone photos of Bepton, by the incredibly talented team at From the Air Property — everything looks so different when viewed from above! Thank you John and Paulina for sharing these fabulous photos 🚁📷.

Seen from the air, you realise just how dry and hot it’s been recently. And just how spread out everything is, and how lucky we are to be surrounded by so many trees and hedgerows.

South Downs Purple Emperor Butterfly



I’ve waited 40 years to see one of these…

Today was a very special day for me. Because today I saw a Purple Emperor for the very first time. Which is pretty special, because I’ve been looking for one of these elusive butterflies since I was about ten years old. As a small boy browsing through my Observer’s Book of British Butterflies, the Purple Emperor and the Camberwell Beauty were the butterflies that dreams were made of. And today – after many years of looking – my dream finally came true!

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