South Downs Purple Emperor Butterfly



I’ve waited 40 years to see one of these…

Today was a very special day for me. Because today I saw a Purple Emperor for the very first time. Which is pretty special, because I’ve been looking for one of these elusive butterflies since I was about ten years old. As a small boy browsing through my Observer’s Book of British Butterflies, the Purple Emperor and the Camberwell Beauty were the butterflies that dreams were made of. And today – after many years of looking – my dream finally came true!

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Mr Stonechat


A new day…

This morning I went for an early morning walk.

Here’s a photo of a Stonechat who joined me as the sun came up on a new day. I remembered my dear old Dad showing me Stonechats when I was a small boy, describing the rasping ‘chack-chack’ call of the Stonechat like two pebbles being struck against each other.

Thank you Mr Stonechat for your company this morning. And rest in peace, Dad. I miss you so much.