Beast in the house

I discovered this mighty beast walking up the hall this evening. Not a word of a lie it was at least 6 feet from front to back toe. An absurd monster, stalking around the house seeking to eat anything in its way. Giant teeth. Growling too. It attacked my dog, thank goodness I don’t own a cat!

I’m going to hazard a guess and say this is a Dark Bush Cricket. Might be wrong but it’s definitely a Bush Cricket and from the size of the ovipositor I’d say she’s a lady.

In case you’re wondering I scooped her up and put her outside 😃 She savaged my arm but I’ll be ok.

Heyshott Bonfire and Fireworks

Heyshott Bonfire and Fireworks, West Sussex

Remember remember the best fireworks near Midhurst are at Heyshott

Round these parts, the Heyshott Bonfire and Fireworks is one of the highlights of the social calendar! The fireworks are as good as you’ll find anywhere (and I include my old village of Chiddingfold), and this year was no exception with the added advantage of fine weather and unseasonably high temperatures.

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Red Kites at Bepton and Cocking

South Downs Red Kite

South Downs Red Kite

South Downs Red Kite

Very pleased to say Red Kites are alive and well, and flying gracefully over the South Downs near Bepton and Cocking in West Sussex. These are immigrant birds (probably from Spain, Germany or Sweden – does anyone know their origin?) which were reintroduced a few years ago to the South Downs at a secret location near West Dean. If you get close enough, you’ll see that they have green plastic wing tags. Hang out in Bepton for a couple of hours you’ll be pretty much guaranteed a view – 2 or 3 of them at a time. Great to see them taking to the skies! Almost as nice as seeing them sitting in a tree…