Straight lines of vines at Upperton Vineyard


There are some beautifully organised vineyards beside the Midhurst-Petworth road in West Sussex. I’ve been admiring them for some time whenever I’ve driven past, but the light has never been good enough to take photos. Until last week when I drove home in the early evening when the light and the sky was magical! I have to hand it to whoever it was that planted the vines in such straight lines, it really is perfect!

A bit of research and it turns out these are the grapes from the Upperton Vineyard. At Upperton they produce English sparkling wine, and they have 32,000 vines planted across their estate. They produce two wines – a sparkling white called ‘Nebula’ and a sparkling rosé called ‘Erubesco’. And I think I need to give both of these a try!

If you’re interested they have a website at and a shop at the vineyard… it’s got to be worth a try I’d say!